Kilpeck Church Restoration Update 19th March 2023: The church is open again for visitors

All the old plaster has now been removed and the scaffolding taken down.  We have decided to leave the walls to dry out over the summer months before replastering and painting in September.

This means that the church is now open again for visitors.
It will remain open until September for work to be completed.

Kilpeck Church Restoration 2023 - Scaffolding Taken Down awaiting plaster and lime render


A huge thank you to everyone who has donated through the website so far, which has helped enormously. We have received about half the amount we need to reduce the final cost through grants and donations. We still have to complete the interior, so do please continue donating.

You can donate either in the church, or online using the link below.


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Kilpeck Church would like to thank the following organisations for their generous support of our restoration appeal:


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