• Disphoria Design:
    The Kilpeck Church website has been designed and developed by Mike Stuart of Disphoria Design. Mike has a keen interest in history, architecture and art, so he was very pleased to work on the website for this unique building. For more information please visit or contact
  • Curioso Media:
    The audio app and all the photography and recording needed were expertly carried out by Jon Ratigan and Tybulus Tyburn, both with appropriate media degrees from Cardiff University. Their enthusiasm has been boundless and were the inspiration for the whole website and attachments. They are currently working on setting up a small company Curioso Media. For more information visit
  • Bette Wing:
    The genealogist for the Pye family and their origins in Scandanavia, Betty supplied much valuable information on the early owners of the Kilpeck estates. The tangle of names, any of them Hugh, is difficult to unravel with 100% certainty. Acknowledgement is given to the Pye Family history website furnished by Charles G. Pye. Jr.
  • Carol Yarranton-Hall:
    Carol has taken  vital documentary photographs of the church, available on CD. Her husband Michael did a huge amount of early research on the early history.